There are many Health Benefits from using a Hot Tub:

Relieves Muscle Pain:
Hot Tubs stimulate the release of endorphins – which kills pain and improves your mood – and improves blood flow meaning that oxygen and nutrients can more effectively remove pain causing lactic acid that accumulates in muscles during intense workouts.

Improves Heart Function:
Cardiac volume increases by nearly one third with immersion to the neck, meaning your heart gets a cardiovascular workout.

A Better Nights Sleep:
A Hot Tub prompts relaxation and an increase in body temperature helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Stress Relief:
Just 15 minutes of immersion in a hot tub produces increased feelings of well-being and decreased anxiety.

Lower Blood Sugar:
A study has shown that sugar levels of a diabetic who had immersed themselves in a hot tub for 20-30 minutes per day for three weeks, had reduced by 13%.

Pain Relief:
If you are suffering from pain related to arthritis, aching joints and stiffness, hydrotherapy can make you feel much better. Raised body temperature, buoyancy and the massaging jets will target the causes of these pains, creating relief and relaxation.

Health Boost:
If you are feeling a little tired or under the weather, Hydrotherapy gives you several health benefits which will give you a health boost, both physically and mentally. Your stimulated blood supply will help improve the function of your internal organs and help your immune system. it clears out your skin, hydrates cell and increases your metabolic rate.


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