Rotospa Hot Tubs

RotoSpa UK are renowned for the design and manufacture of hard wearing hot tubs. We are undoubtedly the market leaders in affordable, portable spa technology offering the only truly portable, smooth, high performance, low maintenance spas at low prices without compromising on quality in any way. This is down to the material chosen to manufacture these shells, Polyethylene. Polyethylene is extremely durable and virtually indestructible. It is recognized for its strength and ability to hold its shape. Structurally, it is much stronger than a traditional acrylic spa and other than a quick wash of surfaces with soap and water, there is zero maintenance required of the shell. Polyethylene is recognized as a leading heat insulator, it adds energy efficiency the products that are made from it.

Unique to RotoSpa UK is a second stage of the moulding process which layers compacted polyethylene foam to the inside of the shell adding even more insulation and forming an insulated pocket of air (also known for its great insulation abilities)within the sealed cabinet locking in residual heat formed from the running gear. This results in running costs among the lowest in the industry and allows easy access for maintenance. RotoSpa hot tub shells will last a lifetime and are complimented by using industry leading reinforced pipework manufactured to our own specification which is engineered to reduce heat loss, resist kinking and is self supporting.

Please call us on 0121 354 3428 to arrange a factory tour and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you and supplying a hot tub that will last your family a lifetime.

We are often asked why RotoSpas as so affordable when the components are from leading suppliers and the after sales service so good, the answer is that costs of rival imported spas are inflated dramatically by you, the customer, paying a retail price that includes the manufacturers profit, huge shipping costs, import tariffs, distributors profits and retailers profits. Why pay more?