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Sutton Pools & Spas can offer a complete package for all your pool needs be it commercial or resedential

Our ISPE trained pool engineers can assist with:

  • Pool Design and Build
  • Planned maintenance.
  • Chemical sales and advice.
  • Water testing.
  • Water Balancing.
  • Plant Maintenance.
  • Liner Replacements.
  • Legionella Testing and eradication.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Energy Efficiency Advice.
  • Ventilation
  • Automated Chemical Dosing Equipment.
  • Cover Replacement.
  • Changing Room Refurbishments.
  • Emergency Call Outs.
  • Management of Commercial Pools.
  • Management of School Pools.
  • Sand Filter Changes.

The Pools we offer include.. Your perfect pool solution!

Inflatable Pools

This has always been a a starting point when it comes to swimming pools but remember that these are a step up from the paddling pool scenario. Made from reliable heavy gauge PVC they are easy to assemble, long lasting and can still provide a fairly cost effective first swimming pool experience. It is important to remember that these pools are not designed to be emptied and refilled when you feel like it and you’ll find that most are supplied with simple filters and electric pumps to clean and circulate the water

Metal Framed Splasher Pools

The next rung is the metal frame pools which normally comprise a one-piece liner which hangs from a tubular frame and is very easy to install. They are very much for seasonal, warm weather use and are unlikely to last long term. They still represent good value for money and can come with basic filtration equipment.

Above ground pools

Above ground pools are less permanent than other styles and most can be drained and moved to another location if necessary. Sizes can vary. Raised decks that partially or completely surround the pool can be added for safety, convenience and aesthetic purposes. Above ground pools are the most budget-friendly but can produce some great results. There is a wide range on the market and some competitive pricing.

In-Ground Concrete Pool

Your own design and installed to your every whim represents the top of the range. This type of pool is a permanent fixture and represents a serious investment so we can offer a full service of design and build. There are various ways to construct this type of pool- a layer of concrete is normally sprayed into a re-inforced framework of steel, single concrete block or twin block construction. Gunite pools are the most elaborate of the pool catagories. These are permanent, reinforced pools with concrete and plaster instead of liners.
Excavation is necessary and a variety of creative options are available to complement these high quality pools including waterfalls, custom steps and beach entries. The high quality of these pools usually puts them in the highest price rang

In ground Vinyl Pool

Traditional in-ground pools usually have reinforced walls with vinyls liners. Rectangular pools are the most common but a variety of L-Shaped, free form and other shapes are also available. Once the hole has been dug, support walls typically made from aluminium, steel, fibreglass or pressure treated wood. Vinyl liners are tough but don’t expect them to last a lifetime as they are prone to tears and rips so you might get 7-10 years before a replacement liner is needed.
Choices are plenty for patterns colours as well as other options which allow owners to add their personal touch to these pools. Excavation is necessary before installation to these type of pools fall into a higher price range than above ground pools.

One Piece Fibreglass Shell Pool

Fibreglass pools have been around since the 1950s. These one-piece, factory built shells are made with fibreglass and finished with a gel coating similar to that used on modern boats. These pools are a popular choice for so many owners because installation time is quicker than some other styles. The pool shell is delivered complete to your home. After the hole is dug, the shell is lifted into place, levelled and water is added. These pools are manufactured to withstand temperature changes and to maintain the original surface over time.
Weekly chemical and cleaning maintenance is needed to protect the finish. The shells are already plumbed with all the necessary fittings and most companies will connect the pumps, filters and heaters as part of their package.

Above Ground/Submerged Pool

You can clearly buy what would be an above ground pool in terms of its design and structure and then have it secured and put in the ground giving it a more permanent look. Add decking, lighting and you have a secure, high quality pool.

Natural Pools

Safer than conventional chemical pools, natural pools have passed the most stringent tests in terms of water quality. Natural pools are based on the ecosystem of interaction of water, sunlight, gasses, minerals, plants and creatures to ensure the water stays healthy. The larger the pond the more likely it will be a better balanced eco system.
The natural pool is divided into two areas, the swimming zone and the regeneration zone. The separating wall can be made of timber or stone but the swimming flow is always kep clear.


A swimming pool is just at pool but a pool with decking becomes something much more. The reality is its worth spending time on how your pool fits in with your garden and your home. The amount of decking you want or need will depend on how you landscape your pool but with some though and the input of Sutton Pool & Spa the results can be spectacular.


Fencing is a very important part of pool safety and an important part of the decision process for pool owners. Young children are the most likely to have accidents around a pool. Fences are acceptable barriers and some models even come equipped with alarms. Mesh fencing is one of the most popular and effective barriers to the pool area. Crafted from poly-vinyl mesh, aluminium or fibreglass poles and stainless steel hardware these removable safety fences are available in several heights, models and colours. Mesh fences are easily removed by an adult and create a substantial barrier if children wander. Mesh fencing can also be permanently installed around your pool with or without a self closing or self latching gate.


Pool lighting adds touches of beauty and a change of mood to a pool. Standard incandescent and halogen pool lights are great options but fibre optic lighting is a great way to bring striking colour to your night time poolside. Fibre optic lighting incorporates varying colours of light for both traditional point-source and band lighting effects. Fibre optics are easily installed for landscaping and architectural features and around the water because there is no electrical current to worry about. While you’re thinking of lights you might also want to investigate the additional luxury of underwater speakers?
Here are some beautiful examples of what can be achieved, the exact way your new pool will be made will be decided on a number of factors, space, budget, ground conditions, timescale and many others


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